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Bedding set Star

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The composition of the fabric is cotton + polyester (80 to 20)

This version of the kits has a density of 95 g / m2.

Beautiful packaging that can be an excellent gift option for any occasion and event.

Ideal for changing bed linen option. The fabric does not fade, after a while the color may fade. In general, it is enough for up to 5 years of excellent use. Due to the addition of a small amount of polyester, the fabric holds its shape perfectly, does not roll. In the morning, you just need to fix the bed and it looks neat again. The fabric is soft and non-slippery to the touch. A good option in a combination of price / quality.

After purchase, any set of bedding must be washed.

Tips for caring for bed linen

Guarding your comfort
• New bed linen is recommended to be washed the first 2-3 times at a temperature not higher than 30 degrees, and then - not more than 40 degrees.
• Before washing, turn the laundry inside out.
• Use powder for colored laundry only, or mild, alkaline, chlorine-free detergents. The use of bleach is prohibited.
• Load bedding into the washing machine drum no more than 2/3 of its volume. The laundry should rotate freely in the drum.
• It is recommended to spin at a speed of no more than 600, otherwise creases will form and dyes will be washed out from the fibers of the fabric.
• Dry bed linen immediately after washing. If using a tumble dryer, observe the delicate mode.
• It is recommended to iron bed linen wet, preferably from the wrong side, using medium heat of the iron (up to 150 degrees)

Category Adult
Complete set 2 pillowcase, sheet, duvet cover
Composition 80% Cotton + 20%
Density 95
Fabric type Calico
Fabric production
Sewing Ukraine

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Bedding set Star

The composition of the fabric is cotton + polyester (80 to 20) This version of the kits has a densit..

249 грн